Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fat Lady Warming Up in CD5

MNCR has the SurveyUSA numbers that will be released on KSTP tonight. I'll adjust them if necessary, but here is what he has:
We finally have poll results in CD5. SurveyUSA’s poll for KSTP is complete, and will be broadcast on tonight’s 10 PM news. The results, according to a solid source…

Ellison (DFL): 49
Fine (GOP): 25 24
Lee (IP): 22
Pond (GP): 2
If Ellison were in the low 40s, and Ms. Lee in the 30s, there may be a case for the 5th District GOP to follow suit with the Connecticut GOP in their Senate race.

These results should boost Fine's numbers as the GOP faithful recognize that even switching to Tammy Lee will not prevent the election of Mr. Ellison.


UPDATE: In the Poll's crosstabs, the most interesting stat was the party breakdown. 43% of of those who Identified themselves as Independent voters supported Ellison. Tammy Lee's break down was pretty similar across the board; 15% GOP, 23% DFL, 28% IND.

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