Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Night Coverage from Both Sides

The Doctor and I will be out and about tonight, as we have in the past.

We'll begin with a mid evening beverage and meal at Rock Bottom Brewery, downtown Minneapolis. Stop by if you're in the area. Just ask the bartender for 'Flash' they'll know where I am.

Just before 8:00 we'll head out to the gatherings. A possible stop at the Hyatt, where the Independence Party will be, before journeying south.

The MN GOP will be at the Sheraton in Bloomington (off 100 and 494), where The Doctor will feel more at ease with his like minded brothers and sisters. I'll be sure to stop by the Patriot broadcast area to give the crew a smirk or a smile. It will probably be too early for a smirk, so a smile it will be. Maybe they will give me a bit of airtime to provide some 'balance' to their broadcast. We'll see.

A few hours later, it will be off to St. Paul, and the Crown Plaza Hotel for the DFL Victory Celebration. This is where we will most likely end our evening. We generally prefer ending up where the most positive vibe is, and lately that has been with the GOP. This year, with Amy leading the ticket, there should be plenty to celebrate, and maybe some surprises as well.

I'll be doing hourly updates, on the half hour. I figured 'Centrisity' would be more suited for posting on the center of the hour. So look for a short paragraph, blurb, mini screed, or scandalous news beginning at 8:30 this evening, and every hour after that. Unless, of course, the techno gremlins interfere.

If you haven't voted, VOTE, and then sit back and watch the returns roll in. I'll do a quick post this evening before I head out. I'll point you to the great coverage in the local blogosphere, as long as you return here on the 30s for my take on all the action.


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