Monday, November 06, 2006

The Progonosticators

I'll probably roll the dice on a few races tomorrow, but since I am always wrong, I want to be careful not to jinx anyone. However, Electoral-Vote has an interesting table of other 'Gurus' who have stuck their neck out a bit and attempt to peer into their crystal ball:
Senate House Guru
48-48-4 212-199-24 Congressional Quarterly
49-49-2 223-197-15 Charlie Cook
51-49-0 237-192-06 Stu Rothenberg
51-49-0 230-205-00 Larry Sabato
49-49-2 241-193-01
49-49-2 235-200-00 Votemaster
??-??-? ???-???-?? Election 2006
It will take more than a last minute GOP surprise to prevent the House from going Dem, the Senate is still too close to call. Races in Virginia and Rhode Island, Missouri and Montana are the ones to watch, with Maryland being the only viable GOP pickup at this late date. And of course, there is the Lieberman factor. Who knows what he has up his sleeve.


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