Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Legislative Leadership

Fecke has a nice breakdown of the new Legislative leadership:

House Majority leadership
Margaret Anderson Kelliher: In 2005 presented comedian and potential 2008 senate candidate Al Franken with the gift of a crock-pot, with the advice, ''Nothing says 'I care' quite like wild-rice hot dish for the neighbors.''
House Minority leadership
Marty Seifert: Nicknamed "Cannonball" by Star Tribune columnist Doug Grow
Senate Majority leadership
Former Pawlenty Chief of Staff Charlie Weaver says of him, "Our politics don't line up, but I like his spunk."...GOP Senate District 38 Chair Michael Brodkorb calls him "Larry 'The Jerk' Pogemiller"
Senate Minority leadership
David Senjem: Has described himself as "in the middle" of the GOP Senate Caucus, and has said he is not as flamboyant as outgoing Minority Leader Dick Day
And that's just a sampling.


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