Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

The extended family all got together last Sunday, as is tradition. Today is the immediate family and maybe a couple visitors. I do most all the cooking. Chopped the veggies for the stuffing last night. Was back in the kitchen at 7 bells sautéing vegies and doing the Turkey prep. Yes, I stuff my bird and have always had great success. Now it is a waiting game till the bird gets close. Then the flurry in the kitchen begins again. The cooking part is easy, it is the timing that can be a challenge.

There is strong circumstantial evidence to support my Mayflower Descendancy. It is pretty convincing and has been authenticated through the Benjamin Eaton born 1742. That was a crucial link that only recently has been secured. There is now a drive to do DNA testing to further confirm the lineage.

You all have a fantastic Holiday Weekend. Don't eat too much today, or spend too much tomorrow.


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