Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hopes without Fears: Not a Prediction post

I can't do a prediction post, as it would just be a jinx on my candidates that I would have to live with for another couple years. So instead, I'll do my hopes without fears.

MN Governor
I hope that Hatch pulls this out. Gov TPaw is a likable guy, but he is using his persona to drive Minnesota into a pothole haven lined with skyrocketing Health insurance premiums, unbearable property tax burdens, and risky public safety cuts. We really need someone who has shown over the years they are sincerely on our side. Not with a smile, followed by a wink and a nod, but with a snarly growl to anyone who may prevent him from getting this state back on track. That person is Mike Hatch.

Even if the current Governor sneaks in, his hands will be tied with the Senate remaining in good hands, and the State House switching control. Guv TPaw will then have to show us if his good natured 'let's work together' attitude is sincere, or just another GOP trick.

US Senate
Poor Mark?!? Ya know, I think he may have had a shot at this thing, but he blew it right out of the shoot. As soon as he ran away from the President, and tried to pretend to be of independent mind, the MN Electorate saw him for who he was. A "say what you want to hear, but I am going to do what I want to do anyway" politician.

Amy kept it clean, and stayed on issues. Her positions are rock solid and resonated with the voters. Every US Senate candidate out there should take a long look at how well this campaign was run. Amy will be a fantastic voice for Minnesota, and I have a strong feeling, that if the Righty Tighties can take off their blinders long enough, they will see true value in having her represent them in Washington!

US Congress
No doubt that there are 4 races that were decided before challengers even announced, the 4th, 5th, 7th, and 8th. Oh sure, we had a curve ball thrown at us in the 5th. But clearly a lefty candidate would prevail in this +70% Bright Blue district. Its no surprise that these 4 seats are all Dems, leaving the remaining 4 primed for pickings.

I don't see three of them changing hands, which means the 3rd, 2nd and 6th will remain Red, although taking on a more purplish hue. Ramstad is a 'good' Republican who will work well with his colleagues on the other side of the aisle. Kline is a tolerable fit for the 2nd, although I felt the evenhanded Luther was a far better match. And finally the 6th. El would have one this race, no doubt in my mind. A soft spoken, smooth taking, prolife Moderate Dem against a . . . how should I say this . . an out of touch Right Wing Radical Extremist. I hope the voters in the 6th won't embarrass Minnesota by sending this anomaly to Congress, but they probably will. I guess the good news is Kennedy will lose tonight, about 8:15, and if he is a wise man, will be gearing up to take his seat back. It's his for the taking, and I will go on record today supporting him 100% if that is what he chooses to do.

Please vote today, or you may just be asking yourself tomorrow, why didn't I!

More later . . . when plans for Centrisity's Election Night coverage is revealed


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