Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Almost Perfect

With 94% reporting, AG Hatch is down by about 30,000. Dirty math means there is about 200,000 votes out there, and Hatch needs at least 120,000 of them. That is a real tough margin to make up. Ya can't win 'em all.But not to worry.

The Dems regain a solid majority in the State House, flipping a 68-66 GOP house to a current projection of 85-49 for the Dems. Although Dean Johnson, DFL Senate Majority leader fell, the Dems still picked up 8 seats to increase their margin to 44-23.

The remainder of the State Executive branch went to the challengers, with the election of Lori Swanson, Mark Ritchie and Rebecca Otto.

Nationally, the House becomes Blue with over 30 seats in their favor. The Senate is coming down to the wire, with a very likely possibility that the Left grabs 51.

So both our State, and the Nation, will be led by Republicans, but they will have to deal with Democratic majorities in their Houses, and quite possibly the Senates as well. Bush talked about being a uniter, not a divider. Pawlenty shared his desire to 'work together' for a better Minnesota. It's time to put the rhetoric away, and acknowledge the mandate. People not only wanted change, they demanded it. A true leader will acknowledge that reality.

My colleagues on the Right love to tout the strong leadership, and strength of the Governor and President. I now demand it. But as importantly, the Dems have a responsibility as well. They now have two years to show the state, and the country, they were right all along. They need to make wise choices, and value their time. See, two years isn't very long, and much more will be at stake then.


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