Monday, November 06, 2006

Why Ritchie for SoS?

Why Ritchie for SoS? Because he is doing the job already, and far better than the incumbent. Today the Supreme Court is expected to force the current GOP SoS to actually do her job:
the state Supreme Court is expected to again rebuke Kiffmeyer on Monday for failing to fully carry out the duties of the office she has held since 1999. Since then Kiffmeyer has repeatedly been taken to court as a result of her actions making it harder for Minnesotans to vote (see table here). After pressure from community groups and Democratic Secretary of State candidate Mark Ritchie, she has corrected information distributed to voters and implemented some laws.
Kiffmeyer has been a complete failure for the people of Minnesota, and nothing but a partisan tool of the GOP. Our own little Katherine Harris if you will. That is not what the office is suppose to be for, and clearly not following in the legacy of great SoS's like Joan Growe.

I hope you'll join me in supporting Mark Ritchie, and a return of the Secretary of State's office to the people of Minnesota.


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