Saturday, November 04, 2006

Byerly's Stop:Campaign for Change

A few photos from Amy's pit stop at the Roseville Byerly's.

The bus arrives. You can see the inflatable bulldog on the far right. That is the GOP State Auditor's float that apparently has been following Amy throughout the day. I must assume that since the GOP is floundering so bad, this last act of desperation is an attempt to pick up on Amy's coat tails.

Pulling up to the group of supporters.

Various candid moments with the electorate. Amy really knows how to engage the crowd and bend an ear. She will make a GREAT voice for the people of Minnesota.

Here is a quick snapshot of an individual from the 'otherside'. Seems that either Kennedy or MNGOP surrogates are following Amy around trying to catch her in an editable moment for some last minute shenanigans. This is where it is so clear that Kennedy and the MNGOP know that their candidate is so weak and shallow their only choice is to go after the opponent, rather than prop up their own. Sad, really!

Final shot of Amy with her supporters, and the 'other side's' private videographer.


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