Monday, November 13, 2006

Senate Scramble

Speculation is in full swing for the 2008 DFL Senate nod. I am not sure I am on the same page as some of the early prognosticators. A sitting Senator who has nurtured his moderate credibility will be tough to beat. And Amy's game plan will be difficult to match against an incumbent. Let's look at some of the names being thrown around.

Al Franken: We tried a personality already, I am not sure the state would elect another one. It sure would make for a great campaign season, but I am not convinced that Al is electable. It would be an uphill battle for Franken to establish credibility within the state. It may also mean he would have to go off the air a little earlier then he would like. Al better serves the party on the airwaves. My gut says he sits this one out.

Betty McCollum; 4th District Congress: Why would someone in the most securest political job in Minnesota want to risk it. Amy won because of strong moderate stances that appealed to a broad range of voters. Betty would have a difficult time playing the moderate card, one that Coleman is holding tightly against his chest. Whoever wins the middle wins the Senate. Amy proved that. Norm has the middle right now, and it is his to lose. Betty wouldn't stand a chance, today. I doubt she'd roll the dice on a run and give up her congressional seat. with seniority and majority in hand.

R.T. Rybak: It's been a while since the Mayor of Minneapolis successfully ran for a US Senate Seat. And R.T. is no Hubert Humphrey. Unless there is a major shift to the Left by the electorate, Rybak's chances are minimal. He has a couple years to get Minneapolis in order, then he has a decision to make, a 3rd term as mayor, or a gamble for Senate. I say he stays on task in the big city.

Ciresi is the big money anomaly. he is becoming the perennial Senate contender who wisely recognized Amy's strength and stayed out of that fray. I say he runs, but unsuccessfully.

Mike Hatch may be teased at the thought, but his electoral history has been local. A jump to the Senate may be a reach, and reach to far out of his grasp. If he couldn't beat Tim for the Governor's seat, he would be a long shot to unseat Norm.

Judi Dutcher has to be the early favorite. The E-85 gaff was nothing more than that. With two years to brush up on national and international issues, including E-85, this former Republican and top statewide vote getter has the best shot at Norm. I say Judi is the early favorite.

Senator Coleman will be in a new role with the GOP in the minority, at least for now. It will be a chance for him to further claim his moderate credibility, and show he can work with members of both sides of the aisle. And the growths and strength of the Minnesota Blogosphere will be keeping a close eye in him.

SO that is who the PiPress mentioned In their article. Who else is out there that may want to risk their political future by butting heads with an incumbent, besides me of course.


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