Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Endorsement: 4th District Congress

I like Betty. She is a GREAT fit for the 4th district. She will win her race hands down. However, it is difficult for me to unconditionally support someone just because of party ID. When Betty opted to hop on the Patty Wetterling bandwagon in the face of a qualified and competent candidate like Amy, she lost me.

Obi Sium is the GOP Endorsed candidate. I've had an opportunity to meet him and visit with him. He is the only other candidate (Robert Fitzgerald has been by twice) who has visited the ole garage. Nice guy, likable, rudimentary handle of the issues, just doesn't have the grasp of the reality that is the US Congress.

Nope, I can't hop on board either campaign at this time. There is no IP candidate to choose from. Another perfect race where the Independence Party could have not only helped themselves, but helped the up ticket 'Minnesota Team'. That kind of showing could cost the DFL, but if the Independence Party wants to play in the big leagues, they need to run competent and qualified candidates in all congressional races. Tammy Lee has shown how viable a moderate candidate can be in an inner city race, why did they let the 4th go.

So I have decided to endorse the only person I know, in the 4th district who matches me perfectly. An ideological clone, a mirror of my mind, and someone who I have full manipulative control of. That person is ME . . . write-in Kurt 'Flash' Schiebel for 4th district congress!

Candidate for MN-04

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