Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mike Hatch for Governor

Tim's a likeable guy, but my patience have run out. I need a fighter. My property taxes are skyrocketing, fees are becoming unmanageable, and I am not getting any return. Roads are a mess, schools are suffering, and public safety is at risk. All because of a pledge to a small special interest group. No Tim, the state is not on the right track, and someone needs to come in and fix the mess. That person is Mike Hatch.

I'll be spending a lot of time next week talking about our next Governor, Mike Hatch. Of all the key races on the ballot this year, this one is evolving into the most important of them all. Senators and members of congress are one voice of many, the governor IS the voice of many, and the lead administrator of the state. They are the one with the greatest impact on my pocket, and the future of my children. We've seen what happens with four years of TPaw, and frankly, it will probably take more than four years to fix it. But it starts with effecting change, and THAT change agent is Mike Hatch.


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