Thursday, July 13, 2006


Even KAR thinks so:
This is ridiculous

With weekend temperatures forecast to reach 100 degrees, Governor Tim Pawlenty today announced that state agencies and the Governor’s Office are working together under "Operation Stay Cool" to help ensure that Minnesotans stay safe during the heat wave.

"People around the rest of the nation may think of Minnesota as a cool place, but we’re about to see how hot things can get up here," Governor Pawlenty said. "During this heat wave, it’s important for Minnesotans to take care of themselves and one another. State government will do our part by providing services to those in need."
Now, i think it is important for everyone to make good decisions with this pending heat. Literally, today, I put two pitchers of ice water out for the VERY appreciative road workers 'pitching' and 'repairing' Minnehaha Avenue. ( I even asked one of them "You must get a lot of 'middle fingers' in this job"! --And he replied "We sure do, but people like you make up for it!". )

I encourage EVERYONE to help out their brethren and assist anyway necessary in this heat. Just like you would shovel out your neighbor in a blizzard. But the middle of the Winter isn't election season. So don't expect ole TPaw to ask for that from the citizens.

I don't need a Governor scraping for votes to tell me what I need to do. Any attempt at such is pure pandering.


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