Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Kennedy Lies in First Ad

I know it won't come as a big shock to those that know where Mark Kennedy really stands (right next to the President and Tom Delay's GOP Congress), but I thought he would be a little more stealth about trying to mislead Minnesotans. His first ad buy has his own daughter lying for him:
Just not much of a party guy, I meant, he doesn't do whatever the party says to.
That facts are, he is one of the biggest partiers there is, towing that line pretty tight. Over and over again. As recently as just the other day.

If the Congressman is truly principled, why doesn't he stand by his records and defend it . . . instead of running away from it. Example:
Throughout his career, he rarely diverges from DeLay's path. Prior to the ROMP event, Kennedy never voted against DeLay on a piece of legislation. A common occurrence in Kennedy's voting behavior blossomed in his first year on Capitol Hill. The two congressmen do, on rare occasions, vote against each other. But Kennedy saves most of these votes for times that can be categorized as politically safe. For instance, Kennedy voted against DeLay on a number of amendments to bills in 2001. Before passing a large piece of legislation, No Child Left Behind, for example, Congress usually votes beforehand on whether or not specific amendments will be included in the final legislation. No Child Left Behind was certain to pass in the House. It had bi-partisan support. If Kennedy voted against DeLay on a couple amendments to the act, he didn't face political repercussions. No Child Left Behind was going to pass no matter what. These are times that Kennedy disagrees with DeLay. Otherwise, he votes the party line. Except on one occasion.
So for those keeping score:

Principled: NO, because he won't stand by his record
Independent: NO, because he votes virtually lock step with the GOP.
Character: NO, because he has his daughter lying for him. Doesn't even have the guts to do it himself.

Maybe that's why he says at the end "I don't know why, but I approved this message"

Finally, something I can agree with him on, cause I don't know why he would approve that message either.


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