Wednesday, July 12, 2006

CQ Responds, Posts Revision

I heard from Bob Benenson, and CQ politics editor (posted with permission):
Dear Flash:

You can breathe again, as we will shortly be posting a revised version of the story that clarifies the strong disagreement expressed by the Klobuchar campaign and its supporters with the charge made by the National Republican Senatorial Committee about Ms. Klobuchar's record on crime. While it is true that the NRSC is making this claim, it should not have been included without discussion of the Klobuchar campaigns response (and rejection of the claim).

I also welcome you to submit your documentary evidence as a comment to the story, which we will also post.

I do wish that you had contacted us directly with your concerns about the story, as we are vigilant about any instance of perceived unfairness or imbalance and try to address quickly those concerns that we determine have merit. I would have responded as quickly to your direct inquiry as I have to learning about this concern indirectly.

Best wishes,

Bob Benenson
I did E-Mail CQ immediately, and only followed up with Bob after an hour or so. I also commented to the story with my sources and links, but the comment has yet to show up on the website.

Regardless, the story has now been revised:
Editor's note: The original version of this story has been amended in the final paragraph to clarify that Democratic candidate Amy Klobuchar and her supporters strongly dispute the National Republican Senatorial Committee's characterization of her record on crime.
and the new paragraph:
The National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is backing Kennedy, has sought to undermine Klobuchar's credibility as a prosecutor, contending that violent crime increased 35 percent in the county during her tenure. Klobuchar and her supporters strongly contest this characterization, stating that crime has actually gone down during the period and accusing the Republicans of gaming the numbers to make a false and misleading argument.
It's better then just leaving the lie hanging out there.

Special thanks to Mr. Benenson for his diligence in correcting this oversight.


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