Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bill Luther Simply Cares

I can't let these two comments fall off the page. It says so much about our future Attorney General:
Luther is the one man who could make this Republican vote Democrat. I have exchanged letters with Mr. Luther a couple of times when he was a congressman, and the replies were always respectful, intelligent, and actually addressed the concerns in my letter. Now I'm sure they were written by a staffer, but they were worlds better then the talking points crap that I got from the Wellstone staffers.

So why do I like Luther, just because of a staffers letter. Because as a long time retail manager I know how much of that flows from the people Luther selected to run his office and I wouldn't be surprised to learn he had a hand in hiring most of them. You select the kind of people you like to be around and respect. That he has that kind of person on staff says he is more then likely that kind of person himself.
shawn | 07.18.06 - 4:44 pm
And a surprising response from the Congressman's Former Chief of Staff:
I want to respond to Shawn's comments - they are greatly appreciated. As Bill Luther's chief of staff for his first 6 years, I can assure you that constituent mail was a huge priority for Bill and it is rewarding to hear that it was appreciated. He actually signed all letters himself (unless we had 1000 going out in response to a postcard campaign or something) and edited it as well.

This attention to detail stems from his training as an attorney. As an attorney myself, I understood that and also wanted the best product going out the door. (Believe me, it drove other staff nuts at times).

We did our best to hire well qualified people in the Congressional office and I am proud of those folks I worked with.

Finally, to explain why Bill paid close attention to the constituent mail and casework - it's simple. The one letter Bill sent to Shawn in response to Shawn's letter may well be the ONLY chance Bill will have to 'talk' with Shawn and Bill was determined to be sure we addressed the issues raised so that Shawn was left with the impression he described. The other reason, which is frankly even more important, is that the constituent deserved the respect of a solid response.

Thanks Shawn for those positive comments both about Bill and his staff - it's refreshing and I really appreciate it!
Ted Thompson | 07.19.06 - 5:44 pm
How can you NOT appreciate and support a candidate for Attorney General who already has a track record like that!


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