Tuesday, July 18, 2006

AG - Entenza OUT

News reports and a confirmation call makes it clear Matt Entenza is dropping out of the AG race.
5 EYEWITNESS NEWS has learned Representative Matt Entenza is dropping out of the race for Attorney General. Just this week, Entenza learned he would face a challenge from a fellow DFLer in a primary.
From Matt himself at the press conference:
"While I'm confident that I could win the race for attorney general, obviously in this environment staying in the race would hurt the Democratic Party," Entenza said at a news conference on the Capitol steps.
Repeated rumors of Bill Luther's pending entry are just that, rumors. Several sources have informed me that Luther has decided against the run, including this Polinaut post.

MDE reports that Mike Freeman, former Hennepin Cty Attorney and current Attorney Candidate will be entering the race with Matt's blessing. Mike Freeman is the son of former governor Orville Freeman. I give much more credibility to this information, then a Luther run. But anything can happen before the filing deadline closes.


UPDATE: MNPublius has some GREAT commentary, including:
Sources have told me with varying certainty that neither Bill Luther nor David Lillehaug are going to file today, two people on the short list. But this morning MDE dropped the bomb that Hennepin County DA candidate Mike Freeman may be jumping in the race. In my estimations (which are completely uninformed, mind you), Freeman sounds like just the thing people have been hinting at...

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