Wednesday, July 19, 2006

GREAT AG Analysis

Fecke, as usual, lays it out for you:
Here’s how I see things shaping up:

1. Steve Kelley. Kelley is in the strongest position, because he doesn’t have to build a statewide organization on the fly, he merely has to reactivate his gubernatorial organization. He will have the early support of true-blue DFLers because of the way he gracefully exited at the state convention. I think he’s probably the man to beat, though only by a whisker.
2. Bill Luther. Luther hasn’t run for anything since losing to John Kline in 2002, and it will take some time to shake the rust off. The good news for Luther is that he has an ally in Mike Hatch, and he will undoubtedly seek to tap Hatch’s organization for this run. Luther has a good reputation and was a solid congressman, and likely has greater statewide name recognition than Kelley. A solid number two with a very good shot.
Jeff also talks about the endorsement process and it's role leading into the primary. A MUST READ!


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