Friday, July 07, 2006

The Money Pit!

Actually, my almost 100 year old home hasn't been too much of a drag on the finances. I have been blessed with an appreciation boom that has boosted the value of my home almost 4 times since I bought it 10 years ago. Over the years I have gone through the whole interior, patching, painting, mudding and taping. A couple years ago I did all the windows, resulting in a complete tear of my ACL while working on the 2nd to the last fenster. I still hobbled to the den to finish the last one.

With my 17 year old due to graduate next year, we are hoping to spruce up the outside for the planned open house. The lovely Mrs. Flash has done a fantastic job finding perennials and plants to find just the right balance, and I have been playing handyman again. The back pantry door was a nightmare, but now it is a fine looking steel door with a new storm. So needless to say, I have been busy the last several days.

I am not sure how far I will get this Summer, but I am motivated to get some of the hard stuff out of the way. I had the roof contracted out, but everything else is all my baby, with periodic help from the neighbors. Ideally I'd like to slap on a coat of paint by the end of the season, but I am not convinced I am THAT motivated.

With all that being said, my political panderings have taken a back seat, but expect me to re-engage very soon.


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