Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kudos to Kennedy Kampaign

Kennedy's first ad, although cute and quirky, rubbed me the wrong way for its blatant deception of his record. I have heard of another ad regarding Medicare Part D, from the Chamber, but I haven't seen it yet. However, I did see an ad this morning on Good Morning America from the campaign that was very well done.

"Crossing Party Lines" totally diffuses my frustration with the first ad. It begins with Kennedy on the right in Khakis, light blue shirt, and to the left text that says Mark Kennedy; US Senate. He states:
"I'm a Republican . . . On issues like taxes and spending, I vote like one, but on other issues I cross party lines"
He then points out some of those examples "Protect Pensions", "Opposed No Child Left Behind" (we always knew that one was coming), and Preserving Wetlands

He states he's not afraid to work with the other side and mentions that over half the democrats in congress have sponsored one of his bills.

He ends with "When good ideas cross party lines, we should too"

These are the kind of ads I'd like to see all year long, where candidates stand behind their record. And for the record, the word 'independent' isn't mentioned at all.

Don't get used to it Congressman, but in this case, Nice job.


UPDATE: Who Crossed the Line?

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