Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Freeman Bows out, Luther to file

Bill Luther is on his way to the SoS Office to file for AG. Freeman has decided NOT to file.

I officially endorse Bill Luther for Attorney General.


More on Bill:

Those who have been reading over the last few days know that I have been following Congressman Luther's decision closely. I have known Bill since his first race and even worked with him during his time at the legislature. Bill is one Rock Solid individual. He can raise money better then anyone. He has integrity and character that is unmatched. Over the last few years he has been enjoying his private life. I do NOT believe he would have entered this race unless he thought it was best for the party, and the people of Minnesota.

Although there is chatter out there that Steve Kelley may file, I wonder if Kelley may be reconsidering, or if in fact Luther may have even followed up with him prior to his decision. Again, some of this is speculation, and we will find out definitively soon enough. But Centrisity is 100% behind the candidacy of William P. Luther and I look forward to him becoming Minnesota's next Attorney General!

UPDATE: Luther files, Kelley also filed. I think there may be some shuffling after today. With the last minute decison be Entenza and the innability of individuals to have ample time to discuss options, I wouldn't be surprised if things sort themselves out prior to the Central Committee endorsment process(Photo courtesy of MNPublius)

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