Monday, July 31, 2006

It's Your Last Day

Tomorrow is August 1st, and is the traditional day when New legislative laws and mandates take effect. The PiPress points out some of the transitions we'll need to make starting tomorrow:
-- State fruit: Honeycrisp apple, thanks to efforts of students in Laurel Avery's class at Andersen Elementary School in Bayport.

-- Beware of tiger: Owners of certain exotic animals must post signs saying what danger lurks inside. A new law also makes it a crime if the animal hurts someone.

-- Cleaner sky and water: Largest coal-fired power plants must cut mercury emissions by 90 percent by 2015.

-- ID theft: Consumers can now block access to their credit reports.

-- Video games: Titles like "Grand Theft Auto," which are rated either "Adults Only" or "Mature," could cost consumers younger than 17 a $25 fine if they rent or purchase them, but the video game industry is asking a federal judge to overturn the new law.
I don't think many of us will even notice the changes.


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