Monday, July 17, 2006

Luther and the 5th

Our House and MDE are pushing a "Luther in the 5th" rumor. I just don't see it happening, here's why.

I talked to Bill last year when Dayton dropped out. He was on the short list at the time of potential candidates. In our conversation he made it clear he enjoyed his private life a little too much to re-enter the fray of a state wide race. Also, regardless of where he is on Ellison, I don't think he would go up against Erlandson or even Ember.

There are 4 choices in the 5th that will thin out in September, I don't think there would be any value in Luther joining that race. I could see him running in the 8th if Oberstar retires soon, but that would be about it.

Of course, I could just ask him, so maybe I will!


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