Monday, March 07, 2005

Verdict Watch

The jury is deliberating the fate of "Mickey". CourtTV actually has a blog called 'The Jury Room' which is being updated periodically with the latest news. The most recent Post:
DAY TWO: March 7, 2005
2:26 p.m. PT

With a little investigative work, I find out the panel has selected Juror No. 5 as the foreperson. You heard it here first, folks. Juror No. 5 is a 66-year-old retired machinist, married with three children in their 30s. On his jury questionnaire, he said being "open-minded and attentive" was the most important attribute necessary for a juror serving in a criminal case.—Lisa Sweetingham
The 'Robert Blake Verdict Watch' link on my sidebar will take you to the blog as well. But I don't see this post getting pushed down too far before we have a decision.


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