Friday, March 11, 2005

Show me the money

There are 691 Billionaires in the world. The top 10:

(in billions)
46.5 Bill Gates, US (Microsoft)
44.0 Warren Buffet, US (Investor)
25.0 Lakshim Mittal, India (Indian Steel)
23.8 Carlos Slim Helu, Mexico (Telcom magnate)
23.7 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, Saudi Arabia
23.0 Ingvar Kamprad, Sweden (Ikea)
21.0 Paul Allen, US (Microsoft)
18.5 Karl Albrecht, Germany (Supermarket)
18.4 Lawrence Ellison, US (Oracle)
18.3 S. Robson Walton, US (Wal*Mart)

Incidentally, spots 11-13 are all Waltons, including the richest women title being shared by Alice and Helen Walton with 18 Billions a piece. The Walton;s combined wealth is estimated at 90 Billion.

This includes:
. . 131 new billionaires coming from 27 countries, the United States claims 69 new faces. New York State has the highest number of resident billionaires with 34, while Moscow and San Francisco tie for second, each with 20.
amongst the 691:
According to the issue, due for release on Friday, Stewart has a net worth of $1 billion, thanks mostly to the value of stock in her company Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (Research) which more than doubled while she was in jail.
Other notables:
talkshow host Oprah Winfrey ($1.3 billion), real estate guru Donald Trump ($2.6 billion), casino mogul Stephen Wynn ($2.1 billion) and Dietrich Mateschitz, boss of energy drink Red Bull ($2 billion).
and finally, among the locals:

203. Richard Schulze, 64, $2.9 billion, Best Buy
272. Carl Pohlad, 89, $2.3 billion, banking
355. Glen Taylor, 63, $1.9 billion, printing
437. James Cargill, 80, $1.5 billion, inheritance
488. Barbara Carlson Gage, 63, and family, $1.4 billion, inheritance
488. Marilyn Carlson Nelson, 66, and family, $1.4 billion, inheritance
548. Stanley S. Hubbard, 71, $1.2 billion, broadcasting

The combined wealth of these 691 people equals 2.2 trillions dollars.


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