Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Shame on you

Mitch has a post today entitled "Things I Like But Probably Shouldn't." I'll touch on his bookends.

Kelly Clarkson - Yes, I hate American Idol. And when on AI, she was like all the other AI winners - a cookie-cutter Celene Dion wannabe. And yet beyond the standard-issue laser voice with tungsten-clad pipes, she's come up with - take note of this, all you AI contenders - at least a few songs that don't suck.
I didn't get hooked on AI until season two, and followed the show from beginning to end. That first season I only caught the last few shows. Kelly came off as plastic, the wannabe that Mitch mentioned. But Kelly came out of the recording studio with some tunes that hit all the right nerves. Miss Independent was one of my favorite listens, and the more recent, ballady Breakaway displays her talents well. I hope that happens with this year's crop, by far the most talented crew of the four seasons. But after last nights fiasco, they can take some lessons from Kelly.

and Last:
Prairie Home Companion - Keillor is Keillor, but the show is funny, and the musical guests, from Richard Thompson to the Minnesota Orchestra, are often amazing.
Mitch . . said something positive . . . about Keillor . . Must . . . check . . . temperature . . . in Hell . . . must look out window . .

But Mitch redeems himself and shows how far out of touch he really is. He also posts his list of Things I Hate But I'm Supposed To Like Some of these I don't think he even tries. KFAN, BEST talk radio out there, and Sponge Bob, how can ya not like Sponge Bob!


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