Monday, March 28, 2005

Doug Moved

Bogus Gold has relocated his blogging home to some new digs. Be sure to adjust your bookmarks, and visit him frequently. Today he is in a ranting mode.

It is painful to watch Republicans scratch their head in wonderment when they figure everyone should be as successful as them, and if their not, it is all their fault!

Mitch has an interesting take that even has a level of objectivity to it:
Y'see, there's a great story here; the domestic abuse industry creates a lot of ex-felons in this state - it's a scandalously easy system to get sucked into. The familyl court system pretty much chews up low-skilled, low-income guys like Benettie and spits them out; the child support system takes what it wants and leaves, for men like Benettie, very little at the end of the day; there's an underclass of men in Minnesota that can never get dug out of poverty, no matter how hard they work (as, indeed, Benettie seems to). Assuming Benettie's ex-wife has a similar story, the welfare system is probably involved, and there's a system there that needs to have a light flipped on, working hand-in-glove with the child support system while actively encouraging dependence on it. There are four different systems that need exposing!
Once you're in the system, it is difficult to shake the bonds, regardless of how hard you try.


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