Tuesday, March 22, 2005

In case ya missed it.

I have been silent on the Schiavo case, letting those with vested interest and deep rooted opinions carry the torch.

I have been confused, however, by the march of the Right, who campaign on less government, less taxes, and personal responsibility, yet are determined to make sure they have their hands in everything. And then I stumbled on this Andrew Sullivan piece.:
CONSERVATISM COME UNDONE: So it is now the federal government's role to micro-manage baseball and to prevent a single Florida woman who is trapped in a living hell from dying with dignity. We're getting to the point when conservatism has become a political philosophy that believes that government - at the most distant level - has the right to intervene in almost anything to achieve the right solution. Today's conservatism is becoming yesterday's liberalism.
We have a lame duck president, and a majority in congress and senate that are all vying for the next level of power. The Right has gone from a keen, laser focused entity, to a hydra, grabbing on to several different issues all at the same time. Public polls on Social Security an Schiavo clearly show that the DC Majority is on the wrong side of the issue, so it will be interesting to see how many more irons they put in the fire, until one issue takes hold. And that will be their rally cry leading into the 2006 midterms. The questions is, how much damage will they do en route.


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