Monday, March 28, 2005


The Big Ten had a very respectable showing. It also allowed me to squeak by the Foot as the fighting Illini fought back from a 15 point deficit to humble the opposing Arizona squad in an overtime thriller. Three of the four games this weekend went past the standard time allotment. It was a beautiful weekend for hoops fans.

In other Sports news, the Lady Gopher Hockey squad added another National Title to their belt, while the man needed two overtime games to advance to the Frozen Four. Who says Minnesota isn't hockey country.

And finally, Bob Casey died. The only announcer the Twinkies have ever had. His booming voice will be missed, but not forgotten.


UPDATE: I feel compelled to remind everyone of this comment made by the King of Snark, LearnedFoot himself:
It's not important. However, it is a rare moment in history indeed when you see someone mathematically eliminated from winning the office pool before the second round even begins.
With that, my sister has informed my that she has won her office pool using the same board I have been following. Even before the Final Four games begin, she is entrenched in first place.

So the rumors of mathematical elimination were grossly exaggerated, unless, of course, ole LF was using President Bush's Simple Math, then anything can happen yet.

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