Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hide and Go Seek

I opted not to post on the Cybersquatting discovered by one of my readers late last week. I didn't want to give any undue publicity to the tactic. However, since the Strib has now reported on it, it looks like the domain owner has got their wish, free publicity. (New Patriot has also posted on the subject)

In their post "My Exercise of Free Speech" the writer defends their right to anonymous free speech.
On a final note, the media is likely to criticize my blog for being published anonymously. I expect my fellow bloggers across the political spectrum will share my defense of our right to post "free speech" with as much or as little personal publicity as we choose.
I post under a handle, but it doesn't take much effort at all to find out who I really am.

So I will share in their defense of anonymous free speech. But I will also use my right of free speech as well. I find it cowardly to hide behind an anonymous nom de plume when you are attempting to thrust yourself into the political spotlight. I believe it effects your credibility. It should also make one leary that if you can't even be honest about who you are, how can you trust the information that is being disseminated. But that's just me!

Kurt (Flash) Schiebel

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