Friday, March 25, 2005

Basketblogging S16 to the F4

Sweet 16 games began last night. Although my Champion Jayhawks are out of it, my brackets still have points to earn.

With 6 of my Elite 8 picks still alive, I watched last evening to see how the first 3 would fare. I went 3 - 0, picking Louisville over the soft #1 Washington squad, Arizona squeaking by OK St., and the Illini over the out of gas UW-Milwaukee club. I needed that last one in the attempt to win the rubber game of the Basketblogging prognostication with LearnedFoot.

Over at Yahoo, my ranking continues to climb, up another 623 ticks. With over 130,000 brackets turned in, I am sitting at 669th. As for the one that matters, my sister's office pool, she is #2 of the 55 combatants. After last night, I suspect she will continue to remain competitive.

I love this game!!

I'm off work, today, so I'll be back in a bit once I work off some items on the 'honey do' list


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