Wednesday, March 16, 2005

It is what it is!

The Right is at it again, in their attempt to rewrite the dictionary. They are notorious for using warm and fuzzy names, that in effect do the opposite of what the title implies. Think No Child Left Behind or Clear Skies Act.

Well, here's the latest. We've heard of the threat by the Senate Majority to use the 'Nuclear' option to change the rules of the senate to all but remove the filibuster from the equation by having a simple majority vote on a rule change. Now, it seems, through their shills at FauxNews, they want to use a new, more appealing name:

The Constitutional Option.

That is almost as funny as Norm Coleman saying, when describing how he handles the naysayers on the Rights attempt to dismantle Social Security: "I countered it by being very clear that I supported personal accounts and opposed privatization."

Do they really think they can have it both way . . . after the snow job they got away with last November, I think they do!


UPDATE: Powerliberal is building her own glossary of terms. After 'Wingrut'When conservatives talk about the same topic over and over and over again) she now has identified the afflication that has come over Norm. He is a Conswervative (The act of playing both side of an issue so no one can report that you changed your mind.)

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