Thursday, March 10, 2005

'Mickey' Update

Day five of deliberations begin later this morning. Up until yesterday, activities were uneventful. But yesterday, the jury asked for a readback of testimony relates to Blakes return to Vitello's to retrieve his personal handgun.
The jury has just requested a readback of Steve Restivo's testimony. Restivo is a co-owner of Vitello's, the restaurant where Blake and Bakley dined the night of the shooting. Restivo is also an actor who, incidentally, played "Count Vitello" in "The Princess Diaries."
The readback began after lunch, and later in the day, Lisa (The Jury Room blogger) had this to say
3:49 p.m.

I submit to you an unscientific experiment being conducted outside the courthouse. But first, a little background: Earlier, the jury heard a readback of testimony from a couple enjoying an after dinner cigarette around the time Blake says he ran back to retrieve his gun. The couple claimed not to have seen Blake return to Vitello's to retrieve his forgotten revolver in the two to three minutes they said they spent having their "lovely" smoke. Now, back to the experiment. Two Winston Light 80s ? the short ones, not the long 100s ? are lit. One, the control, is left to burn in a slight wind. The other, is consumed by a heavy smoker. The unsmoked cigarette burned for 10 minutes. The heavy smoker finished his in six. For Blake, an opportunity left unexploited.
Who knows what is going on in the mind of the jury, but I have a feeling we'll have a verdict before the weekend.

I'm still leaning acquittal, which is the kiss of death to any defendant when I say that.


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