Thursday, March 10, 2005

Rather roasted

It sounds like the Dan Rather roast went off without a hitch, last night. I have read a few briefs on the event. But it appears that Nick Coleman had a 'plant' sent to infiltrate the Right Wing masses and he gave his report on the show this Morning.

Listening to his version was reminiscent of my excursion into the bowels of the local Right Wing blogosphere, when I attended a debate party at the Hilton last October.

Several of the observations made regarded the price of the drinks (which didn't stop me last October), the poor quality of the food (come on, you're doing a Hotel buffet) and the reaction (or total lack thereof) during Rather's final broadcast.

Apparently, and to no surprise, no one was really paying any attention to Rather during his broadcast. But he did state how the crowd did perk up during a segment where Richard Nixon was on the screen. This at least told me that they were listening. But when the 'Fallen Heroes' segment came on, which is a daily tribute to a fallen soldier and a little background about who they were and how they died, there was minimal, if any, acknowledgment from this pro war, support our troops audience. Now this was just one persons impression of what the reaction was, but I would think that this particular audience would have at least been able to put aside their differences and respect this segment in a positive way, not brush it off while give Nixon more respectful treatment.

I wasn't there, and maybe I should consider the source (the partisan tilt), but I would think there would have been some sort of recognition. I don't know, maybe I expect more from those who claim to 'support the troops', but that's just me!


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