Thursday, March 16, 2006

What I've Been Trying to Say

In my conversation with Dr. Bell, I respectfully requested that we all keep our 'eye on the prize'. We need to ensure the US Senate seat is in the hands of a competent and qualified individual, rather then giving it up to a pawn of political ideology who can't think any further then the latest Rovian memo received.

I stumbled across this post at MN Campaign Report. The comment posted mirrors what I feel we need to do to restore decency and common sense to our state:
In this game, you have to know that one year you're working against someone who may be working above/beneath/or with you in the next election. It does no good to eat your own and burn bridges for a short term gain. You make your case for your campaign, then if it works out, you reach out to the others, if it doesn't, you call them up to ask how you can be helpful in taking down the Republicans. That is the end game- a DFLer in office.
Keep our eye on the prize. The Right has no problem making stuff up, let's not give them the opportunity to use our own words against us.


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