Thursday, March 02, 2006

AI - Guys Top 10

A = Elliott - Best performance of the evening. Great voice, solid pitch
A = Chris - Nice way to finish the show. One of the strongest in the competition.
A- = Taylor - Little Flat tonight. His style is vulnerable to songs like this. Still one of the best, though
A- = Gedeon - Slow start but powerful finish. First sign of nerves from him. If he can settle down he will be around for the alter rounds
B+ = Ace - Off his game, but still Top 6 material

--Significant separation here --

C+ = Bucky - Nice job, but nothing special. Not part of the elite tonight
C = Will - Better then least week but is vulnerable do to Kevin's like-ability factor
C = David - Not spectacular. He was in his safe zone and still couldn't sell it
C = Kevin - Flat, off tonight. Will his cuteness carry him through to the Top 12
C- = Sway - He's gone. He had a chance to distance himself from last weeks falsetto fiasco and I don't think he did it. He should his weakness and I would be surprised if he makes it past tonight

= = = =

Current Top 6 prediction:
Locks: Taylor, Elliott, Ace, Chris
Almost: Gedeon, Bucky
Bubble: Will, David, Kevin

Gone tonight: Sway and either David or Will.

Great breakdowns on Reality TV Magazine.

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