Thursday, March 09, 2006

AI - Guys Top 8

It's been a busy morning (actually the whole week has been bonkers for me), So here is a quickie review of last night's performances. Idols are ranked in my order of preference based on last evening's performance alone.

A+ Taylor; First WOW! Moment of the season

A Gedeon; Solid! Definitely in the upper tier

A- Chris; Weird song. Seemed off his game

B+ Bucky; Good, but dry. He is vulnerable

B+ Elliott; Way off his game. Simon was spot on in his comments here.

B+ Ace; I didn't like Ace, tonight.
C Will; Good solid performance from him, but not the showmanship of the
upper tier. I don't think it will be enough to save him.

C Kevin; I really like Kevin, But his version of Vincent was no Clay
Aiken. I don't think his cuteness will save him.

Top 6 Locks: Taylor, Gedeon, Chris, Elliot, Ace

Bubble: Bucky, Will

Gone: Kevin, sorry to say, and probably Will. Bucky is the dark horse.


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