Monday, March 13, 2006


A few years ago I was out shoveling my driveway on a beautiful Winter morning after a fresh blanket settled on the Earth. I was preparing for my short walk to work, only to be flagged down by my neighbor, also a school employee 'They just cancelled school'.

"WHAT!!? . . for this?" Sure enough, a day off work and an opportunity for the boys to take a free day. Most of that snow was gone by noon, and Spring returned by the next day.

Today was different. 12 inches of snow on the ground, visibility down to maybe 15 feet or so. I was pretty convinced I wasn't going anywhere. This was not to be, The District decided to stay open so I sent my boys off to their busses and fought the traffic, that I could barely see, to my school. No more three block walk for me. When they closed my former school just down the road I was transferred across town.

I get to work and most all technology was down. Power outages in the area took out one of the main network hubs for the district. My wife's school is closed due to power outages and my lab is dead in the water without authentication services at the district's main technology hub. Needless to say, it was been a weird day with maybe just over a third of the students in the building.

I never thought I would say this, but, 'Thank God for AOL dial-up' *laughing*

More later when I have something quicker then a 26,400 bps dial-up connection!


UPDATE: Final count, 285 students out of about 730 total enrollment.

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