Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Met Ford Bell

It was a great evening of Drinking Liberally, last night. I arrived a bit late, but Dr. Bell was still mingling with other DLers and had not yet begun what turned out to be a very productive and positive exchange with the group.

Dr. Bell had no problem taking a seat at the head of the table and engaging anyone who had questions for him, regardless of whether they agreed with his position or not. I found him respectful, professional, and most importantly, very Senatorial. I was honest with him in that I have already thrown my support behind Amy, but did make it clear that I honor and admire his candidacy.

I would have no problem supporting him should he get the nomination. He does meet the first and most important criteria of all. He is not Mark 'The Puppet' Kennedy and can think for himself. We won't have to worry about him being a marionette of the Bush Administration.


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