Wednesday, March 29, 2006

AI - American Insufferable

In an E-Mail, GiGi says it best:
"If this were the first night I was watching Idol..I probably would have switched the channel."
What has been hailed as the best Idol season, with the most talented pool of finalists, this weeks' episode was simple AWFUL.

Song choices were unbearable, but we kind of expected that being restricted to songs of the 21st century. It hasn't been a very good decade for music.

I thought Ace or Chris would do Green Day, which would have been a much better choice then what they picked. Ace was worse then ever, Chris stayed to his rocker roots and remains a front runner.

Bucky didn't do too bad, although he garbled the lyrics so bad I wasn't sure if he didn't know them, or was just spending too much time sucking on the mic.

Katharine did well, although she did show her vulnerability, as did Mandesa, who should avoid wearing denim throughout the rest of the show.

My Dad can rest easy. Kutey Kellie will be around for another few weeks, before the competition passes her by.

Chris and Taylor were the only ones that I thought remained on target.

Paris, who had one of the better performances of the evening, probably needs to stay younger before she gets to outside of her safety zone. Tonight she acted a little older then her age.

Even Elliott 'the voice' either bagged his song or just made an awful choice. Not sure what the judges were listening to.

Lisa, Bucky and Ace are in the lower tier. Know telling who the viewers will diss this week, but for me, I could tolerate listens to Bucky or even Lisa for another week. Ace is just wearing thin.

I won't even bother with tonight's reveal, I'll just visit Doug in the morning.


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