Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Straw Poll results has current results of the straw poll with 75% reporting:
Senate (22,821)

76.9 Amy Klobuchar
15.9 Ford Bell
7.2 Undecided/other

Governor (22,697)

38.3 Mike Hatch
22.7 Becky Lourey
22.4 Steve Kelley
9.8 Undecided/other
6.4 Kelly Doran
00.3 Ole Savior

Attorney General (20,729)

81.8 Matt Entenza
18.2 Undecided/other

Secretary of State (19,427)

40.9 Undecided/other
38.3 Mark Ritchie
15.4 Christian Sande
5.4 Dick Franson

State Auditor (19,157)

46.8 Rebecca Otto
41.1 Undecided/other
12.1 Reggie Edwards
Biggest surprise to me is Lourey's strong showing in the Governor's race followed by low undecided numbers in both of the contested races.

Amy's in Good shape right now. I hope that everyone in this race keeps their eye on the prize and does not do anything foolish in an attempt to garner what little undecided support remains.

The Governor's race will be a shoot out. For me it is between Kelley and Hatch and I will continue to watch their campaigns closely.


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