Wednesday, March 22, 2006

AI Top 11

Those who loved the 50's would have loved Tuesday's show. For me, it was too much Barry Manilow and not enought energy. We fell asleep half way through the show (literally) and I viewed the second half this morning. I thought the show was bland and that there wasn't any stellar performances.

In order of my performance preference:

A = Katharine; Best performance of the evening, but no ++, just an A for quality and consistency. She'll be tough to beat, but America will probably be looking for something other then a clone of a former Idol (ie Clarkson)

A- = Taylor; What a performer. the song was not for me, but Taylor has a way of projecting his professionalism and talent that just separates him from most of the other contestants. It will be a travesty if he is not in the thick of things 6 weeks from now.

A-- = Chris; The only thing that kept him from being my #1 this week was the vocal performance itself. He took this song and totally changed it, which kind of distracted me. I think maybe he went a bit too far with it. The second half, and the ending specifically is what saved it for him.

B+ = Paris; Great job! Vocally struggled at beginning but really built up the energy throughout with a Fantastic finish. Her performance immaturity showed a bit which kept her out of the A area for me.

B = Mandesa; When you are a front runner, and have nailed the last couple weeks you make yourself vulnerable by projecting high expectations. Her performance tonight was simply not up to the standard she set for herself. She has an opportunity to be the Next Idol since she is unique and incomparable to past winners, but she can't start coasting now. Tonight performance was a safe one, but not eye opening.

B- = Elliott; Inconsistent vocal throughout, Not sure what the Judges were listening for unless they are trying to push him into the later rounds through their words. Elliott has one of the best voices in the competition, but tonight he showed what happens if he doesn't control it. Maybe it was just the song choice.

B-- = Kellie; Kellie was good tonight, one of the better vocal performances on an off night. She really struggled with the key change though and I could see the horror in her eyes. She pulled it off with a powerful finish so those 70+ year old men out there will vote in flurries while wiping the drool from their chin.

C++ = Lisa; She should have taken Barry's advice and taken the opening up and octave. The lowness of her voice at the beginning was difficult for her to control and may be enough to place her in the bottom three tonight.

C+ = Ace; another rough night for Ace. One of the poorest vocal performances of the evening with limited control. I;d be surprised if he is NOT in the bottom three. Looks can only carry you so far in this gig.

C = Kevin; What a nice job. Ya know, this kid isn't bad, he is just not able to make the transition into Idol or Superstar that some of the upper tier folks have been able to do. Kevin is way out of his league. Fortunately for him, the votefortheworst cronies will keep him in the game a bit longer, so there is a chance he can make the run. But I think it is too late. If he doesn't leave tonight, he'll be gone in t he next couple weeks.

D = Bucky; Oh Boy, stick a fork in him. Made me wish melissa was still here. Bucky's ride should be over tonight. He just doesn't have the ability that Chris has of being able to take any song and form it around his own style. Buck looked uncomfortable, unsure, and out of place. I think we might just be waving good bye to him this week.

Bottom Three tonight: Bucky, Ace, and should be Kevin, but probably Lisa
Going Home: No Brainer, Bucky, but the Voters decide, not me.

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