Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wetterling's Future?!?

OK, today I get an E-Mail from the Wetterling campaign touting the latest Wall Street Journal/Zogby Numbers:
I wanted to make sure you all saw this... A new Wall Street Journal poll done by the Zogby organization confirms yet again that Patty is the choice of a majority of Minnesotans.

She leads Mark Kennedy 50.8% to 39.9%, a larger lead than any other DFL candidate.
But now Checks and Balances reports this tonight:
U.S. Senate candidate Patty Wetterling (D) has scheduled a press conference for tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. in room 125 of the State Capitol. She is prepared to announce her withdrawal from the U.S. Senate and we are hearing there is a possibility she will even support Amy Klobuchar. It bears watching who is present at the announcement and we know, but are not telling just yet.

It is not clear whether Wetterling jumps directly into the 6th Congressional District race, we understand she plans to take some time to listen to people in the area. This because she wants people of that district to express their feelings on the issue. The decision to remove herself from the contest for U.S. Senate gives Klobuchar an open runway for the DFL endorsement. The choice made by Wetterling is the best of all options for Democrats in 2006. If Wetterling runs in the 6th, which we think is likely, she makes that open seat a hotly contested race and lends strength to both Klobuchar's campaign and all other statewide DFL candidates.
Now C & B has made bold predictions before and been wrong, but this one, if proven untrue, could kill them in the blogosphere. If true, it could return them to a level of credibility they once enjoyed.

As for the Senate/6th race, I made my predictions long ago:
I would still put my money on a Klobuchar Senate, Wetterling 6th pairing.
I have a request out to the Wetterling campaign regarding the C&B post. I'll be sure to let you know if I hear anything.


UPDATE: via DFL Senate, 'CCO is reporting the same:
Late Thursday afternoon, WCCO-TV learned Patty Wetterling may be dropping out of the race for the U.S. Senate.

. . .

Her campaign spokesperson said he is "not going to confirm, but will not deny" she is leaving the race.
MNPublius has a take on her future plans:
Future plans? She's going to announce tomorrow a run for Lt. Governor. If she were dropping out of all races, the announcement would be at her home; if she were dropping to the 6th, the announcement would be in the 6th; but the announcement is at the Capitol, that means she's taking up Hatch's Lt. Gov offer.

I received the following E-Mail
There will indeed be an press conference tomorrow, at the time and place listed in the C&B story, but his speculation as to its content is premature. Patty will be making an announcement regarding the U.S. Senate race.

Thank you,

JC Quirin
Wetterling for Senate
The plot thickens!

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