Thursday, January 26, 2006

Conspiracy Theory Ahead

DFLSenate posted on an interesting tidbit found at the NRSC website. When you went to the '2006 Races' page, there was a message that said:
No Information available at this time or there is no Republican challenger
(screenshot here). Since then, the page is updated, and now displays:
"Senate Race Update Coming Soon."
Now this doesn't really seem like much, but I do have a couple observations. First, mrw points out:
The NRSC used to have a page full of news clips from the race, but now there's nothing left.
Which tells me there WAS activity in that section, and for whatever reason, it was all pulled off. The other thought pounding in my head, is that if they took the time to change the site to say "Senate Race Update Coming Soon", they could have just as easily added the names of the announced candidates pursuing the GOP nomination and links to their websites. Kennedy has been their anointed candidate for sometime, wouldn't they want to get his name out there to the party faithful as quick and efficiently as possible to drum up contributions.

I am sure I am reading way too much into this, but it seems to me that either someone dropped the ball, or maybe, just maybe, there is some cold feet on the Right side of the aisle. Call it buyer's remorse after you've signed the contract, but before you even get a chance to take the ole jalopy out for a spin.

Kennedy does absolutely nothing for me as a moderate. Too bad Ramstad didn't throw his hat in the ring. That would've made an interesting race. Minnesota is still more Blue than Purple, without the middle, it will be kind of tough for a hand picked Roveian candidate to win. But as we saw a few years ago, not impossible.


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