Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Emotional Rollercoaster

Last night, I was distracted from a very exciting football game. As it should be, human interest prevailed over fun and games. When the reports started coming in that 12 of the 13 West Virginia miners were found alive, I was waiting and hoping for the scene of the jubilant miners, adrenaline canceling any effects of their 40 hour entombment, emerging. I had just told my wife, that like the Pennsylvania accident, I had pretty much reserved myself that there wasn't much of a chance left. I was wrong again, thankfully!

I flipped back and forth from the game, but soon succumbed to sleep deprivation and dozed off. I awoke a few hour later to the CNN ticker. I had to shake my head and rub my eyes.

** 1 of 13 miners found alive **

"That has to be a typo" I thought. How could reports of a miracle, including word that the men were well enough to go straight to the church to reunite with their loved ones, be so wrong.

Well, they were, and the hopes of 11 families were dashed (One miner had already been found earlier, and their family was already aware of his passing)

My heart goes out to these families, who went through the most traumatic and emotional experiences of their lives. Let's all pray for the quick, quick and full recovery of the surviving miner. Experiences like this make the trivial turmoils in our own lives seem pretty meaningless!


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