Friday, January 06, 2006

I Met MDE!

I was able to make a brief foray into the publicly announced 'coming out' gathering for MDE. I wanted to meet the man behind the mask of MDE.

I was pretty sure I would be the one of the only admitted left learners in the group, but I wasn't the most surprising visitor to the event. Eva Young also was in attendance. I know, that sounds kind of surprising, but for the short time I was there, it was clear that she was welcome, as was I. You see, although I don't agree with them on political ideology, the common bond we all shared, was a show of solidarity to a frivolous lawsuit filed against the man behind MDE.

MDE was gracious and very generous with his kind words towards me, not only for my work here at Centrisity, but for my willingness to attend the gathering and show my support to him in regards to his legal wranglings.

I didn't take up too much of his time, and I was there only about a half hour, but I was able to share a few things with him. I mentioned how he took a huge jump in credibility with me when he relinquished the campaign domain names that he squatted on last year. He agreed it was a 'big mistake', which only further solidified his standing in my book. I also shared that even though he may have to think twice from now on, as he crafts his screeds, his words will carry much more weight in the eyes of many. I very fair trade off if you ask me.

However, the biggest bonus regarding him revealing his identity, is he know longer feels alone. For all this time he had been hidden in an electronic cabal, but now he looks forward to grippin' and grinnin' with other MOB members, and those like myself who may not share his political views. For the beauty of this great nation we live in is that regardless of how far apart we may be in our political beliefs, we are able to break bread and share drink, in a peaceful environment.

Mr. MDE, I was honored to meet you last night, and I look forward to visiting with you again soon at a future MOB event, at a Keagan's near you (there is only one, right *grin*), or maybe even a Drinking Moderately once the weather improves.


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