Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dear Fringe of the Left

You MUST rally behind a candidate soon to assure victory. If you give up this senate seat to the GOP when they are as vulnerable as they are, you have only yourselves to blame.

I will not sit back and watch the likes of Liberal Loonies like Alice Hausmen splinter this party at a time when you can coalesce behind the most electable candidate and concentrate on the ultimate goal, defeating the Rovian Machine. You must put behind the pettiness that exisits in this big tent party and play for the middle. If you endorse a 'cut and run' candidate, like Ford Bell, you lose the middle, people like me. You MUST look at big picture here and what the ultimate goal is.

I believe Amy Klobuchar is our best bet at victory. People can say all they want about the great things Ford Bell can do, but there simply isn't enough time to sell that to those outside the metro, and THEY are the ones who decide elections.

The same thing will happen in the governor's race. The DFL is Peroting themselves and allowing 3rd party splinter candidates to grab the middle that the Left needs to win. Instead, the likes of a Peter Hutchinson now will run as an independent, siphoning off votes of whoever wins the bloodletting that is to be the DFL Primary. The Right will use all the attacks that we used against each other during the process, and Tim "tax them plenty" (but call it a fee) will win another term with a plurality of the vote.

If the Democrats of this state don't realize in an awful hurry that the ultimate goal must be to defeat the Rovian Right, instead of taking potshots at each other, another election cycle will pass with GOP dominance.

I will not sit back and let that happen. Too much is at stake!


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