Tuesday, January 10, 2006

SuperTarget Redux

I reported on the pending SuperTarget deal in the Midway last June. It now looks like the plan is coming to fruition:
St. Paul's Midway neighborhood will be getting the Twin Cities' first urban SuperTarget store, and community groups there already are pushing for a more inviting design than the traditional suburban-style big box.

Officials of Minneapolis-based Target Corp. on Monday confirmed long-circulating reports that the company would build an estimated 174,000-square-foot super center adjacent to its current discount store near Hamline Avenue and Interstate 94.
The saturation of the Midway with grocery stores may hold prices in check, but at the expense of one of the current vendors. Cub all but pushed Rainbow off the table, but Roundy's assuming control of the Rainbow has helped create a better store. But a Third grocer in almost as many blocks, could spell doom for one of the three, and I don't think it would be Target or Cub.

The Midway has been through a resurgence of late. Maybe a Super Store destination will bring in more consumers to the strip malls that spot the avenue. This is an evolving process. I'll be looking forward to reading about more specifics of the plan after they are unveiled on Thursday.

What's next, a Best Buy!


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