Friday, May 27, 2005

It's SuperTarget!

Faster then a checkout scanner, more powerful then a Wal*Mart rollback, able to leap out promotional endcaps in a few moments . . . . It's SUPERTARGET:
Target Corp. might be planning to super-size one of its St. Paul locations, according to neighborhood activists and real estate observers who say the company is interested in a Midway property owned by the St. Paul Port Authority.

Target is believed to be among bidders for the ailing Sheraton hotel property at Hamline and St. Anthony avenues, possibly to demolish the building, which is behind the existing Target at 1300 W. University Ave.
I didn't even know the local Sheraton was on the bubble. It always seemed out of place, nestled on the westbound 94 frontage road, across from a Hardee's.

I don't recall ever being in a SuperTarget, maybe once. But considering the morgue feel of the local Rainbow after Cub opened down the street, I am not sure what advantage would exists by saturating our economic environment with another low cost grocer. However, with the recently opened Wal*Mart cutting into Target's sales, they are feeling the pinch to reposition.
Union representatives of food workers have been keeping an eye on the possibility of a SuperTarget in Midway going up against the nearby Cub and Rainbow stores. Bernie Hesse, an organizer at United Food and Commercial Workers Local 789 in South St. Paul, said he's already hearing reports that the hours of some Target employees have been cut since the city's first Wal-Mart debuted last May in the former Midway Kmart. (The Midway Wal-Mart is a traditional store without a full grocery selection.)
So I'm luke warm on this one. As a consumer, it will open up choice and competition, thereby controlling prices, but at what cost. Merchandise saturation may undoubtedly create despair for the store that finishes on the bottom. KMart couldn't survive, yet the Wally World still seems to be thriving in the same locale. Cub almost ran Rainbow out of business, yet Roundy has re-injected life into that local Rainbow. Maybe a SuperTarget might be the kick in the tush that the area needs to keep the local conglomerates in check. Time will tell!


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