Friday, May 20, 2005

Fox Hunting

FOX is taking a dive in the ratings:
April '05 marks "the sixth consecutive month where FNC declined versus prior month in M-F, primetime P25-54 (every month since Nov '04),"
The numbers:

Oct. 04: 1,074,000
Nov. 04: 891,000
Dec. 04: 568,000
Jan. 05: 564,000
Feb. 05: 520,000
Mar. 05: 498,000
Apr. 05: 445,000

CNN is still floundering on it's own (443k (FOX) vs. 304k (CNN) in April) but the site notes:"In April 2005, FNC's weekday primetime demo average decreased 25% compared to the year-ago, while CNN increased 27%."

I've tried watching FOX, and my dislike for their format doesn't have much to do with their total lack of objectivity (They're as Fair and Balanced as Mitch fisking a Coleman column). It reminds me of a 24 hour morning show, with back slapping buddies and coffee cups. It just has always come across to me as a juvenile network. AS for CNN, they've been playing to the White House ever since GW backed in for his first term, but at least they display a consistent level of professionalism when they wank.


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